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SEM Experts Want These Features for the Holidays

Published: December 10, 2014

Author: Molly Shotwell

We’ve been asking the SEM wizards around the 3Q offices: what do you hope Santa brings us in the way of ad improvements this year? Let’s lay out the full (long) list, shall we?

1) I wish Google would allow managing labels in editor. That would make life so much easier!
2) Another point on labels-it would be great if you could choose to keep existing labels when updating ad text!
3) I hope that Google will continue to add features to the UI that remove the necessity of using AdWords editor.
4) The ability to place 3rd-party impression pixels without sending to Google! Ideally a bulk option:)
5) The ability to copy/paste location targeting as a negative location target and vice versa!
6) Negative radius targeting!

Joe Kerschbaum, Account Director

1)  For Bing not to be so grossly inferior to Google as to be laughable.
2)  For Google Analytics not to be nearly worthless for enterprise-level clients who won’t purchase GA Premium.
3) For Video not to be in a separate UI.
4) For the pivot-table functionality that Google demonstrated during one of their webinars to actually get integrated into the UI.
5) Segment Search Partners in the same way we can segment mobile.

Todd Mintz, Account Lead

1) Columns to see different Conversion Types in AdWords.
2) Better estimates in the Keyword Planner and Display Planner. I know that it is not an exact science, but in my experience, the traffic estimates are very highly overestimated and give clients a false idea of expected traffic.
3) Option to use bid modifiers on Search Partners or more transparency to the performance on Search Partners (i.e. a “placement” report for Search Partners so that we can exclude or bid up/down on certain partners).

Jessica Carr, Account Lead

1) Functionality to test Conversion Optimizer vs. manual bidding in AdWords campaign experiments.
2) Bulk uploading labels in AdWords Editor.
3) Bulk site category exclusions for GDN in AWE.
4) Columns for different conversion types

Eric Smith, Account Director

1) Better reporting on different conversion types.
2) A time machine.
3) Tablet bid modifiers.
4) Labels in AdWordsEditor.
5) See comments in AWE in the UI.
6) Relaxed character counts in ad copy.
7) Improved offline conversion import in AdWords.

Bob Sturges, Account Director

1) I would like Google reps to be more thoughtful about what they pitch our clients and work with us more as a partnership. Almost all of them are a broken record about mobile or display efforts that for many clients still just don’t make sense.
2) I would love if Google updated Editor so we could make bulk changes across multiple accounts. I have several franchise clients where we have 40+ accounts, so we use Kenshoo or Marin, but why can’t Google offer that same management option?

Christine Baker, Account Director

That’s not all. Account Director Diego Rovira wants the ability to segment conversions by columns, a tablet bid modifier, and a search partner bid modifier. Account Lead Caitlin Halpert just wants annotations within AdWords/BingAds (like Google Analytics). Account Director Ada Pally is hoping for dayparting in GSP. Search Account Manager Jesse Morris wants keyword-level phone call data, for brand CPCs to be cheaper when only the client is bidding on them, and for the UI to stop freezing.
What’s on your SEM wishlist? Do you think there’s any hope that Google will deliver on these wishes?

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