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Search Marketing and Weird News

Published: September 15, 2016

Author: Todd Mintz

weird news
My name is Todd Mintz, and I’m a Weird News addict. With my Facebook friends (and feel free to friend me if we’re not already friends), I share my favorite “oddball” stories, and I’ve clearly developed a reputation as a top-level curator within this content niche. Beginning with the “original” Weird News story that took the Internet by storm during the middle of the last decade (prior to the rise of social media), I’ve been fascinated by these stories. The rise of Facebook and its “relevance” algorithm allows me to be exposed to many such stories each day, and I share the ones that I feel jive best with the peculiar nature of my persona.
Now, I know quite well that not every Weird News piece that I share will resonate with many folks…or even with any folks. For example, this David Lynch Pabst Blue Ribbon advert won’t resonate with people who: never saw Blue Velvet (one of my all-time favorite movies), aren’t beer snobs (which I am), don’t remember the old Pabst Commercials (I do), and don’t know anything about the life of Dennis Hopper (since life imitated art in many of his films). IMO, if you watched this video and didn’t understand it…sorry, it’s your loss. :.)
However, when I saw this piece, I knew that Weird News aficionados would love it and that it would resonate with an audience far beyond the core Weird News demographic.
zombie dog ad
This story is clearly a winner because it expresses a very real and valid human fear / concern in a very blatant and forthright manner. Many people walk dogs not only because the dogs need exercise but because of personal security concerns. Some dog breeds are naturally intimidating, but many others lack the demeanor and temperament to offer much protection to the owner. Hence, this vendor has created the perfect device to make a wimpy dog appear to be scary, offering additional protection to the dog’s owner. Such an item also maps well to the public’s interest in Zombies since a dog wearing this device resembles an undead creature.
The intersection between Weird News and Paid Search lies in the area of personal perception. On a daily basis, paid search account managers look over the same data and same reports, and within this routine, it can be very easy to lose sight of the account objectives, which aren’t just to manage the campaigns but to figure out ideas to make them grow and perform at optimum efficiency. However, even if certain aspects of the account manager routine approach a level of mind-numbing tedium, for those with insight, certain idiosyncrasies within the data should pop out as opportunities for growth and exploitation. Can the account manager analyze the data and perhaps overlay some real-world insights and knowledge over it in order to understand a prospective tactic can be rolled out for the benefit of the client, achieving maximum impact for them?
In the meantime, I’ll continue to share Weird News, knowing that my perceptive abilities get better honed with experience, and knowing that I’m able to apply my process of perception in many other areas of my life – including paid search, which benefits my clients who don’t even know of my passion for the bizarre.
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