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Talk about self-serving. Here’s a ‘review’ of Search Engine Strategies (SES) on Search Engine Watch, the online Web site for, um, SES. The headline says it all: “SES San Jose 2009 Attendees Give Conference & Expo High Marks.”

In other news, the editors of have awarded PPC Associates “best SEM firm”, “best CEO”, and also “best overall company in the world.” In the category of best blog, the winner – for the sixth year in a row – was Blogation, getting 100% of the first place votes.

None of these stories, however, should overshadow some of the important news coming out of the Korean Central News Agency. This week alone there was the eye-opening “Story About Removed Straw Mat”, where Kim Jong Il stopped his car to save a few grains of rice for farmers, the People-esque piece “Kim Jong Il Enjoys Art Performances”, and the food section update “Fermented Flatfish Mixed with Yam.”