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In the next few months, I’ll be writing an article for a search engine marketing publication about “search engine marketing myths.” Believe me, there are dozens of them, but I’ll be limiting myself to no more than ten or so.

This topic got me to thinking about SEM facts – irrefutable truths that everyone in the industry accepts. Here’s my random list – please feel free to comment and add others to the list:

1. Google and Yahoo drive good traffic, anything else is bound to be risky;

2. Click fraud exists, especially on content distribution;

3. It’s easy to do SEM, it’s hard to do it well;

4. CPC prices will continue to increase;

5. To be successful, you can’t do SEO part-time;

6. Yahoo needs to get rid of the Direct Traffic Center;

7. MSN will be a player in SEM;

8. The line between web analytics and SEM is blurring rapidly;

9. It’s hard to tell the difference between SEM agencies these days;

10. If Local Search ever takes off, the Yellow Pages will be dead.

So, there’s my starter list. I’d love to grow this to 20 or more items. Please send me your suggestions!