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This wouldn't have happened on Steve Jobs' watch.

The new iPad was keynoted on 3/7 and went on sale on 3/16 — so why are

the Apple outdoor billboards unchanged? Driving through Silicon

Valley’s 101 and San Francisco, you see the same old iPad2 everywhere!

Our agency had a billboard on 101 a month ago, so we know that changing

billboards is not difficult. I’m really perplexed by this, especially

since I just finished reading Walter Isaacson’s biography on Jobs. To me, this

is Apple marketing slacking off.

I had friends from China visiting me a few days ago. While I was driving them around,

they also noticed the billboards. They had read the Steve Jobs biography, too,

and their first response was the same as mine: Apple is slacking.

The Apple brand and its achievements are pretty daunting, so I just

kept this thought to myself. Then I was chatting with my partner

David Rodnitzky, and it turns out he’d noticed the same thing and was confounded by

it. At the time, we thought, oh well, Apple’s gonna change it after

the iPad goes on sale March 16.

Lo and behold, it’s March 21, and the billboards are still outdated. I

took a few pictures yesterday while driving in San Francisco; here’s another:

outdated iPad ads

Old news is bad news.

If I’ve noticed, and several friends around me have noticed, we’re surely not alone.

Apple, what’s going on?

Will Lin, Co-founder