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Last week, Facebook launched a “report a problem” feature in its Ad Manager. I’m already planning a bunch of ways to use it: here are five issues that keep cropping up.

1. Waiting For Audiences To Be Built – Have you ever tried to build a lookalike (similar or reach) and noticed that it just doesn’t happen? This happened to me today, actually. I checked on an account and the greater reach audience, which I had tried to build 5 days ago, still had not been updated.

2. Losing Ads – Sometimes when you build new campaigns with new ads and hit upload (in Power Editor), the ads will mysteriously be gone when you check in Self Serve Ads Manager.

3. Ads Not Uploading – You click upload, and it doesn’t actually upload, and you feel so disappointed. Who’s with me?

4. Preview For Links In Old Format – What does your ad actually look like? You may not know because sometimes (not often) the preview provided in Ads Manager isn’t correct. Whenever you see the old link format in the preview, double check the post on Facebook. It may actually be the new format!

5. Campaign Duplication – Sometimes when you duplicate a campaign, the ads won’t flow over. Again, this is rare, but it does happen.

What issues would you add?