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Continuing our “Platforms Week” on the blog is a look at the wildly popular forum-based social site, Reddit. Social Account Manager Sean Brennan breaks down the available advertising options.

The world of Reddit has sometimes been overlooked by advertisers because it sits in the long shadows of social networking giants like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Long gone are the days, though, when Reddit stood silently by. The “Front Page of the Internet” is now the fourth largest site in the US, ranking higher than Twitter, Wikipedia, and even Amazon!

These numbers alone should convince you to start exploring this forum-based social network as an untapped advertising channel, but for those who are unaware of what Reddit exactly is, let’s go a little more in depth.

Reddit is a network of over 120,000 communities that actively engage in discussion around a multitude of topics, most of which are related to people’s interests (both as consumers and professionals). In every community, there are volunteer “moderators” to ensure relevant and consistent content is published by the “redditors,” aka the user base. As content is published, redditors can upvote, downvote, and comment to keep top posts front and center in the community. If the post goes viral, it can even make it on Reddit’s homepage, which highlights the most popular posts from thousands of communities.

Advertisers can promote image, video, and text ads within the feed on both mobile and desktop devices, which mirror other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Here are their offerings:

Promoted Post

This is Reddit’s premiere and native ad unit, which is the first post redditors see every time they visit the homepage or a specific community. Promoted posts will also appear between posts in feed, which allows advertisers to reach users when they are most attentive down-feed. This ad unit offers advertisers the option to visually and contextually engage users through images, videos, and text blocks that can be embedded within the post.

Homepage Takeover

To reach a mass audience and guarantee brand awareness, Reddit offers advertisers a unique option to take over the homepage.

Native In-Feed with the Reddit Mobile App

In addition to their mobile and desktop offerings online, Reddit has inventory available on their mobile app, which is currently the #2 top free app in the news category on the Apple Store. Within the app, advertisers can choose to target iPhone and Android devices with a native in-feed image or video ad unit. Like their online desktop and mobile video placements, the app video placements auto-play and require a tap for sound.


Both B2C and B2B brands are paying more attention to Reddit as it grows in the social networking world. With a wide variety of Reddit communities and interests to target, your audience segment is most likely on the platform. However, the question is, “How will you reach them?” That’s where we can help! Contact Us to learn more.