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In the industry of search, it is no secret that duplicate keywords can create a slew of problems for any account. However, when expanding broad match modified (BMM) keyword coverage, or combatting the new exact match, it’s easy to accidentally add duplicate keywords to your account.

In this blog, we will discuss how to streamline the process to eliminate duplicate keywords.

How to find duplicate keywords in your account

In AdWords Editor, after you’ve uploaded recent changes, click on the Tools tree and select the “Find duplicate keywords” option.

Before you generate the report, AWE offers several options to help pinpoint duplicates that could have snuck into your account. These options include: word order, match types, location of duplicates, etc.; all help streamline the process of finding and removing duplicates.

When you’re deduping BMM keywords, use the “Any word order” option when running the report. This allows AWE to pull duplicate keywords that have a different token order. An example of this would be, +buy +shoes and +shoes +buy. Although they aren’t in order, these keywords would be competing for the same queries.

How to pause duplicate terms

Once you have you list of duplicates, it’s time to compile a list of which one is going to be paused and which will continue to run. Whenever I perform this audit, I always pause the term that has the lower:

  • Quality Score
  • Impression share
  • Traffic volume

It’s always important to choose the one of the two terms that has aggregated more data, since Google’s algorithm has had more time to optimize performance.

Once this is completed, it’s time to upload which what terms will be paused – and then be sure to label these terms as “duplicate keywords” to ensure they don’t get turned on in the future.