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It’s easy to forget about ourselves during a busy season. We’re inevitably putting tremendous amounts of time and energy into analyzing and optimizing our accounts, but we may or may not be able to invest the same level attention to our own development and maintenance. The exercises described below offer an opportunity to focus on and develop account management skills on your team. Depending on your level of experience these exercises may be a teaching opportunity, learning experience, or just a refresher. Regardless of your experience level, they should create a fun and worthwhile team building exercise.


Exercise One – Campaign Segmentation/Budget Analysis:

Have your team quickly brainstorm what kind of changes they would make to their account if your client gave you a 20% increase in budget over the final three days of the month.What kind of changes would you make to your account?

-What kind of changes would you make to your account?

-Would you include bidding changes?

-Does your account have any paused components that you could activate to accommodate the change in spend level?

-How would these changes be different if you had two weeks instead of three days to spend the extra 20%?

Exercise Benefit

This exercise increases awareness of the strategic importance of account setup and campaign segmentation strategies. Creating a new account and being exposed to these strategies is something that you usually wouldn’t do until you’ve accrued some experience, so this tends to be a valuable exercise for newer team members. Ideally your more tenured team members could answer this question on the fly, without looking at the account.

Exercise Two – Keyword Additions/ SQR Analysis:

Spend a few minutes in your account and compile a list of about 10-12 keywords and search queries.

-Set the list up so that you have about 2-4 zero impression keywords, 2-4 search queries that are not keywords, and 2-4 converting keywords.

-Have you team look at the list without any performance metrics. Are they able to determine which keywords are which?

Exercise Benefit

This exercise emphasizes the importance of performance data in the account maintenance process. It can be very easy to assume that we can make all our decisions with our intuition and expect everything to work well. But experience shows us that there really is no substitute for making data driven decisions, and following up with regular account maintenance.

Exercise Three – Ad Copy Analysis/ Testing:

Pull a few ad copy reports for mid-level ad groups and sort the ads alphabetically by title.

-Ideally you should choose an ad group that could benefit from analysis/optimization; one with an underperforming ad in it.

-Have your team offer their best guesses for each ads CTR/Conversion Rate and place them in order.

Exercise Benefit

This exercise brings attention to the need to make ad copy testing a recurring task that gets scheduled in advance. There’s simply no substitute for keeping ads maintained and optimized.

Hopefully these exercises strike a balance of being both fun for the team and instructive for your team. Working together in a group that’s enjoying themselves is a great way to learn.