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american red crossBy any measure, it’s been a great year for PPC Associates. We’ve almost doubled in revenue, number of employees, and number of clients. We’ve made a ton of great connections across the industry, been featured in some of marketing’s top publications, taken an amazing team trip to Vegas. It’s the kind of year that makes you thankful upon reflection.

So we thought, for our last client-focused project of the year, it was time to give a little something back.

We were lucky enough to win a partnership with the American Red Cross this fall, and for all of the PPC Associates team, this is an association that goes beyond brand recognition. This is a partnership that makes a good day’s work feel even better. So this December, we wanted to go above and beyond and give a little more than marketing expertise to the cause.

Red Cross blood drive

Sr. Production Manager Monica Madrigal, first-time donor, wears her bandage proudly.


Red Cross blood drive

A pretty awesome self-photo.


Red Cross PPCA

Account Coordinator Dan Hilbert, about a pint lighter.


Red Cross blood drive

Account Coordinator Katie Eschenburg, another smiling first-timer.


Red Cross blood drive PPCA

Brittni Hamman, Chicago-office motivator extraordinaire.


PPCA blood drive

Account Associate Alicia Antoniolli, yet another first-timer.

There were more of us, but you get the idea.

Note the smiles. Whether you’re passing by a Salvation Army Santa or a food drive or a blood drive this holiday season, we encourage you to give a little too — and for selfish reasons. It felt, needles aside, pretty darn good to chip in.

– Hillary ReadMarketing Manager