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Power Editor is a great tool for duplicating campaigns, ad sets, and ads. It also offers the functionality of editing multiple line items – but beware when trying to make a bulk edit to ad sets with different audience targeting.

When the new parameters are entered, the tool actually overrides existing targeting. In this example, we wanted to change the age range of two ad sets.  One ad set contained lookalike audiences; the other contained multiple interest parameters. Both contained the same geo targeting and same age range.

Step 1: Select the ad sets to duplicate.  The screenshot below shows that when both ad sets are selected, Power Editor lists the Custom Audiences of the lookalike ad set, as well as the interest targets of the other ad set.


Step 2: When you click on Edit Audience in Step 1, Power Editor shows that the targets are “Mixed State”.  When you see this, we recommend you back out immediately and edit each ad set individually or via the export/import feature. Watch what happens in the next few steps…


Step 3: We modify the age range and click save.


Step 4: Take a look at the before/after of the interest ad set audience. The age range was adjusted as we wanted, but the other audience targeting (i.e. interests and exclusions) has tragically/magically disappeared. Note, this happened with both ad set audiences we edited.


If this ever happens to you, and you have other updates you’ve made that you don’t want to lose, highlight on each affected ad set individually and use the revert button. Make sure to do this *prior* to uploading your changes to Ads Manager.4EAF5E83-5713-4141-8800-22055AA12D68