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Pinterest unveiled one-tap ads in Q4 of 2016. They offered a lot of promise; they take the user directly to the landing page with one click as opposed to the initial click providing a “close-up” of the pin. One-tap ads are indicated by the red arrow in the bottom right corner:

We immediately planned to test this out for two clients: one eCommerce brand and one FinTech brand. Pinterest certainly made for easy testing, activated by a simple toggle in Campaign Editor:

Unfortunately, the tests were short and conclusive for each brand. The retail brand’s one-tap campaigns ran for seven days, Nov. 15-21, and rang up a CPA more than double that of the weeks before and after despite higher CTR and lower CPC. The FinTech brand’s OneTap campaigns, which stretched for 17 days, performed similarly, with higher CTR, slightly higher CPC, and nearly double the acquisition cost of traditional Promoted Pins.

Taken together, the two brands show what you can expect from one-tap pins at this point: high CTR, variable CPC, low conversion rate, and a much higher CPA. You should certainly consider testing them for your brand, but be ready to react quickly if your results are similar.

Good luck!