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Most of my family views Facebook as a place to post pictures and look at all the pictures their friends post. While they all use the site prolifically, they don’t realize how much information they have given to Facebook in addition to their pictures.

In between the liking, the commenting, and the posting of pictures, Facebook gathers TONS of additional information from users. Facebook knows your birthday, where you work, where you went/go to school, where you live, where you’re from, whether you’re in a relationship, your favorite books, your favorite movies, what you like, etc. The list goes on and on.

So how can marketers leverage this gold mine of information? Personas.

Develop your audience personas

The core question is “What characteristics do my potential customers share?” As you begin to assess current customers and future customers, you’ll inevitably encounter trends.

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Each group of common characteristics should be documented and named. For this post, let’s consider Brady’s Beef (my dad’s business). It’s a small ranch in Idaho that sells grass-fed beef direct to consumers. Here are two personas based on his customers’ Facebook info:

Persona 1 – Healthy Heather

– Gender: Female

– Age: 35-55

– Family: Married with 2 kids

– Interests: Running, Yoga

– Books: Omnivore’s Dilemma, In Defense of Food, Fast Food Nation

– Movies: Food, Inc.

– School: College graduate

– Car: Luxury Sedan or SUV

Persona 2 – Paleo Patrick

– Gender: Male

– Age: 25-45

– Family: Single

– Interests: Cross-fit, MMA, Paleo Diet, Personal Training

– Books: Practical Paleo, Primal Cravings

– Car: Truck or SUV (specifically Jeep)

As you can see, by defining your personas in such detail you can get a ton of leverage from Facebook’s ever-expanding targeting options. With the addition of Facebook Partner Categories, you can even target the cars they drive (see my post here for a complete list of all partner categories).

Got any persona-based targeting success stories to share?