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It’s been a head-spinning 2013 so far for PPC Associates: tons of client onboarding, a client-focused restructure, scores of talented new hires, and a big announcement in the works (more on that in a few weeks).

To that end, and excuse some horn-tooting, we’ve crunched some 2013 numbers lately and realized the following about the last seven months:

– we’ve generated 70% year-over-year growth without any full-time salespeople;

– we’ve expanded our workforce by 46% (that’s just since May);

– we’ve added a San Francisco office and a San Diego office and doubled the space in our Chicago office.

Seems like a good time to pause and acknowledge the clients and the hard-working PPC Associates team who helped us get here — so as we go full-steam ahead toward the last five months of 2013, allow us a moment to say thanks.

Now back to your regularly scheduled optimizations…