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Optimization and Growth Part 3: Customer-Focused Approach

Published: May 10, 2017

Author: Jeremy Epperson

This blog is Part 3 of a six-part series where we will walk through our Foundational Principles of Optimization and Growth, aimed at giving you the confidence you need to implement an optimization program across your organization. Each blog summarizes one of the principles; for a much more in-depth look at each, you can download our white paper where we provide additional examples, stories, and detail to help get you started.

Part 3: Customer-Focused Approach

A customer-focused approach is exactly what it sounds like: building your experience around customer needs, so that you are improving every part of their journey. The idea is that if you are presenting customers with the experience they want, more will complete the desired actions. The purpose of optimization is to improve that experience at each step (increasing conversions), which should ultimately move the user to complete your business objectives.
Here’s a look at what the customer-focused approach is, and what it is not:
Customer-focused approach is not:

  • Providing details about your company and products
  • Making decisions from unproven assumptions
  • Speaking “at” your customers
  • Attempting to take value at every step of the journey

Customer-focused approach is:

  • Positioning the value from the customer’s perspective
  • Creating a stream of constant feedback and insights from customers
  • Two-way communication with customers across all functions of the business
  • Providing value at every step of the journey

The Business-Customer Paradigm

The alternative to being customer focused is to be business-focused. Companies that are business-focused push towards the conversion activity, disregarding the wants or needs of potential customers. Where is your focus?
We want to make an important distinction between working towards business objectives and being “business-focused”. As we mentioned in the first blog, Strategic Business Alignment, you need to know your business objectives and work towards achieving them. Being customer-focused does not mean abandoning your own objectives, because it will actually help you achieve growth. When you eliminate the roadblocks within your site experience, it will generate more of the actions you want people taking on your site. A customer-focused optimization strategy digs into each step of the journey as a means to move them closer to your business objective.
In order to make this happen, you need to understand what your customers want. You will achieve this by utilizing structured research methodology, which we’ll cover in the next blog in this series.
To view all of the principles, check out our “6 Foundational Principles of Optimization and Growth” white paper where we provide a much more in-depth look into the how to get into the mindset of your customers to drive optimization efforts.
Even after learning the key principles, the path to optimization will still require trial and error. Want to get moving more quickly? We’d love to help! You can also contact the 3Q CRO team to learn how you can start seeing gains right away.

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