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Observability, Perseverance, and Dark Data

Published: March 29, 2013

Author: Michael Yates

Having not done so myself, I cannot imagine the trepidation that comes with taking the first steps towards a brand new business venture. What comes with that first step is placing a lot of faith into one’s faculties, competency, and capability to cast aside doubt and soldier on. Paramount to this is the belief that we have predicted the existence of a market for our grand idea correctly.

To be incorrect teaches the harsh lesson by forcing a restructure of the idea or complete abandonment. However, if we believe in the unknown holding what we’re after and reach the point in our discoveries that our previous faiths were warranted, that confirmation sticks with us.

 I imagine that every advertiser, publisher, and venture comes with a twinge of hesitation as we click post, sign a contract, or shake hands after a deal. There are a lot of unknowns attached to our market systems that can cause this. Thankfully, as we make our ways through sales and abandoned carts, we begin to piece together the larger, clearer picture of that unknown. Greater and greater scope for the pictures, paired with the guidance of experience, can ease these hesitations.

It has been postulated that over short enough distances, matter can borrow vast amounts of energy to accomplish its movement goals. The greater the goal, the less time the energy can be borrowed to accomplish it. Regardless, matter pushes through despite being inert and unobservable prior to the borrowing. When this happens, another data point – one that can be drawn upon for later use – gets placed in our book of records.

Unknown quantities melt away into knowns; quantum physics begin to be observable and market foresight is awarded with conversions. I see our goals as marketers equipped with algorithms and spreadsheets as peeling back layers of obfuscation for our clients with deep-dives and segmentation to create the clearest picture of whatever market they have invested in. In my previous post, I mentioned how market actors are larger expressions of their particular space-dust and are acting accordingly to fill the gaps in our knowledge; we just have to observe it, record it, and deliver results. The goal here is to fill in the holes as best we can.

This reminds me of dark matter theory as attempts to fill in the gaps of space. Scientists know that there has to be something in the gaping spans between our knowledge (or empty data sets, if you will), but they are unsure of what. It’s dark data they are struggling with. They tweak models and tinker on to this end.  For ourselves, we believe that our clients have a market to exploit, so we tweak models and endlessly observe the movement of individuals to collate the dark data behind what we already know.

Our weekly calls act as confirmations for our clients. They ask us, “Was I right?” in their various ways, and our purpose is to show them quantized proof they were. We can prove that the first step to take on a venture was the correct one just as a physicist can prove that a particle had enough charge to blink across observable space. Particles in observation are what we thrive on, it’s just a matter of scale and whether you’re looking in the right place.

Putting faith in our ability to find the data requires that we keep segmenting and diving ever minutely for big wins and incremental gains. You can find the experience, the spike in energy, the conversion, and the client satisfaction in that market.  We just have to keep looking.

– Michael Yates, Account Coordinator

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