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Nextdoor: Your Neighborhood’s Social Network

Published: October 9, 2017

Author: Meredith Ausenbaugh

Social media can be found at the heart of almost everything we do. For up-to-the-minute interests and news, we turn to Twitter. To connect with colleagues and bolster professional networks, LinkedIn is the place to be. If we want to stay in touch with family and friends, Facebook is there to help with every like, comment, or status update. But where would you go if you needed a trustworthy babysitter or information on the best painter in town in a pinch? While these other platforms may be able to help, a private social network within your community would be the easiest and most efficient way to accomplish these goals. That’s where Nextdoor comes in.
Nextdoor is the private social network helping to bring back a sense of community to every neighborhood. Armed with that knowledge that 83% of consumers find recommendations from people they know to be the most trustworthy form of advertising, this service provides a local digital space where privacy is paramount. Through a map-based UI with discrete neighborhood boundaries and an address verification that requires users to list their real names, Nextdoor users can be sure that the recommendations, classifieds, events, or news alerts that they see in their feeds are useful and trustworthy.
Nextdoor offers three different campaign types that each allow your brand to reach an audience of older (predominantly female), affluent homeowners –  users that are not typically found on other social platforms. Regional campaigns guarantee impression delivery and flight dates in your choice of designated metro areas, addresses, or zip codes, a 50% share of voice where your ad only runs with one another advertiser, along with category exclusivity for a one week campaign. Performance campaigns afford your brand the ability to run longer than one week while covering more markets at a lower CPM. If your brand is looking for national reach or to raise awareness, Nextdoor’s National Campaign model is worth considering.  Keep in mind that even though your client won’t be limited by market here, the minimums are highest here and this option is only available to a limited number of advertisers per quarter.
Regardless of your campaign type, your ads will populate in the feed as Sponsored Posts – this is the ideal way to drive local word-of-mouth advertising and spark authentic conversation around your brand. I will dive further into best practices for Nextdoor ads in a future post, but note that you can dynamically format ads so that each resonates with a local community.

Nextdoor has already worked with over 100 advertisers, with the greatest successes coming from subscription services, home security products, FinTech clients, and Real Estate tech.
Are you currently advertising on Nextdoor? Let us know in the comments below!

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