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News Feed Retargeting Could Be Facebook’s AdWords

Published: June 11, 2013

Author: Molly Shotwell

Today’s post is by Christina Park, Director of Marketing at Triggit.
I’m planning my nuptials in a few weeks, so I sort of have Wedding Brain. One of the millions of things that I’m searching for online are shoes. Shiny, glittery, shoes of only the heeled variety.
Unfortunately I kept getting retargeted for Converse sneakers on Facebook, not helpful ads for deals or discounts on the heels I was specifically looking for. My Wedding Brain would have completely ignored them if I didn’t notice these Converse ads follow me around everywhere on the Internet!
When I finally got retargeted with a dynamic ad on Facebook’s News Feed of the shoe I was actually looking for, it was a completely seamless, natural, almost enjoyable experience. Since my eye’s always on the News Feed anyway, the large Link Page Post Ad format with the dynamic product image immediately caught my eye. Not only that, but it was written in a way that made it seem like an organic News Feed post! So naturally, I clicked.
Example News Feed retargeting ad:
news feed ad
It’s not just my personal experience that makes News Feed retargeting a naturally engaging new channel for online advertisers. Triggit has reams of data from hundreds of campaigns that prove incontrovertibly that we can get any advertiser many more conversions from retargeting on the News Feed via FBX with truly, fully dynamic ads. Take a look at our case studies below:
Large Apparel Site (relative to right-hand rail FBX ads):
– 16x higher CTR
– 1/5 the CPC
– 1/7 the CPA
– Less than 1% decrease in conversion rate
Large Int’l Retailer:
– 24x higher CTRs vs. right-hand rail ads, 38x higher vs. traditional Google AdX ads
– 1/3 the CPC vs. right-hand rail ads, 1/16 the CPC of traditional Google AdX ads
– 1/2 the CPA of right-hand rail ads, ~1/10 the CPA of traditional Google AdX ads
– Less than 1% decrease in conversion rate
Both of these retailers saw 200% incremental conversion volume — imagine going to scale on a venue with dynamic ads that yields 15-20X higher CTR! News Feed retargeting is definitely raising the stakes for retargeting. As the buzz around other social networks getting their own exchanges amplifies, I’ll bet that seeing integer-level CTRs will soon be the norm.
Personalized content streams are where all the eyeballs are at, and advertisers who understand this and start investing in native ad formats now will become the heroes in the eyes of the consumer.
christina park triggit– Christina Park joined Triggit after six years at Google, where she led the charge in creating data-driven insights and marketing campaigns for large advertisers and agencies. To help educate marketers on making social work as a direct-response channel, she’s helped stage the News Feed Retargeting Landrush series (check the Triggit blog to see if it’s coming your way).

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