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New SEM? 5 Tips to Train Like an Ace

Published: February 12, 2015

Author: Josh Neuman

It is downright impressive how much our company emphasizes training new hires. Being both new to the digital marketing and to 3Q Digital, I got a lot out of the orientation process and wanted to pass on some words of wisdom to future new team members:

1.   Take advantage of the training

During the first few weeks, before you have track-related tasks, dive into the assigned trainings. The different modules are an excellent gateway into the company’s methods and answer a lot of questions you didn’t even know you had. Take your time going through each exercise, especially if you are new to the field, and you will find yourself learning a ridiculous amount of useful information.

2.   Ask a lot of questions

Digital marketing is confusing; there are a lot of acronyms, client calls seem like a foreign language, and time is always a factor. You will have a ton of questions your Account Manager and Leads would love to answer. It will help you get up to speed faster, and make you a more productive team member in the process—so take notes and don’t hesitate to ask.

3.   Find ways to help out your team

As you progress through the training, opportunities to take on some production tasks to help retain what you have learned will present themselves. Step up in those situations; taking on these new tasks will benefit you and benefit your team by freeing up members for higher-level tasks.

4.   Do a test run

Each new assignment will pose new challenges and unforeseen roadblocks you thought would be easy to overcome. To alleviate some of the stress, run through the steps for the report or task a few times, compare your results with a colleague’s, and troubleshoot to solve any lingering issues. Even if it takes a few attempts, you will feel much better with a few practices under your belt.

5.   Take a breather

We have stressful jobs with demanding hours, but make sure you are taking care of your own needs. Having trouble with a report? Take a stroll around the block to clear your head. You will constantly learn new things that push you to your limits—even after you think you’re done training—so find out what helps you the most in these challenging situations. Be at your best, so you can give your team the best.

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