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There’s little debating the power of FBX or the awesomeness of tools like AdRoll, which is simple enough for a huge range of marketing managers to use with good results.

Simple, though, means you don’t have a ton of levers to control – but we’ve found one that works if you’re diligent about using it: geo settings.

One of our clients was set up on FBX through AdRoll to target worldwide; this is fairly typical, since many clients (and marketers, probably) think that the retargeting filter means that adding a geo filter on top really doesn’t matter.

Well…that’s not true. We took that campaign and segmented out by country, which assured that high-CPC countries like the U.S. and U.K. got their fair share of the budget. Overall, CPCs went up, but check out conversions:

Conversions Graph


It’s sort of like walking into a jewelry store with $3K…if you let a salesperson (algo) pick for you, he/she will pick $3K of the crappiest, highest-margin jewelry available. But if you take your $3K and spend $2K on diamond jewelry and the rest on other goods, you’re taking more control of the quality.

Simple, yes, but it works (CPCs were up 20%, but because of the conversion spike, CPAs plummeted by 40%). And it’s a step that many marketers have overlooked. My theory is that it can also be applied domestically, albeit with less dramatic results.

What other levers have you found to be effective within FBX?