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If you need further evidence that Google’s success is at least in part due to the idiocy of their competitors, consider this: in Google, if you want to set up geo-targeting, you do so at a campaign level. So, if you have 100 ad groups in a campaign, you can set-up geo-targeting for all of them in a few minutes. You can also set up geo-targeting via Google’s publicly available Desktop Editor.

In MSN AdCenter, you have to set up geo-targeting on the group (Ad Group) level. So if you have 10 campaigns and 1000 groups, you have to manually set up geo-targeting 1000 times! And MSN does have a Desktop Editor, but it is in limited beta (and has been for about six months). I got access to the beta but I wasn’t able to download it, because my computer was using the Vista operating system.

I’ve been critical of Yahoo Search Marketing’s ineffective Panama system, but as I start to use AdCenter (er, try to use AdCenter), I am starting to think that YSM is not so bad, at least by comparison. Clearly this was a system set up in a vacuum in Redmond – had they spent even a few minutes talking to search marketers, this sort of over-the-top bad design would not be an issue.