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Jon Loomer, one of my favorite Facebook geeks, wrote a great post about WCA.

Let’s take a geekier point of view for the hard-core folks, shall we?

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  • You can create lookalike audiences from a WCA, but it’s currently only available via the Facebook Ads API. We are one of a few dozen companies with Ads API access, so hit me up if you want to see how it works programmatically. For most folks, wait a few weeks and you’ll get it.
  • Facebook says WCA is not a replacement for FBX, which is technically true if you’re using FBX for product retargeting. But WCA dynamically updates, allows overlay of other data elements, and has access to mobile inventory. These are three HUGE advantages.
  • If you’re a small biz, you won’t need FBX anymore. That’s not something FBX vendors want known. But anyone reading this blog knows that it was only a matter of time before the hidden markups charged by third parties would get competed down to commodities. And how long would Facebook make you go to a third party to buy inventory on their site?
  • The max audience duration is 180 days. Notice I didn’t say cookie expiration. Once these folks are tied to Facebook userids, they don’t die a cookie death, which is normally 30 days. How else do you think Facebook can reach them on mobile and desktop? If you’re in B2B with a long sales cycle, this is critical. If you’re CPG, where the consideration time frame is days, it doesn’t matter.
  • You get up to 200 audiences. We’ve not seen anyone hit that limit, but a couple B2B companies we do this for have gotten over 100. Curious to see how many rules folks are applying, perhaps directly in step with how sophisticated their marketing automation segment flows are.

Facebook pros in the group, what say you?