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Last week 3Q Digital attended the Bing Partner Summit, during which Microsoft announced the new AI-powered Microsoft Audience Network. With MSAN, Microsoft is taking on the Google Display Network and the Facebook Audience Network by extending the reach of Bing ads into native placements. Here’s what you need to know about what’s new.

Yes, you can now leverage LinkedIn audience data in Bing.

Advertisers can select from different user intent signals, including LinkedIn profile targeting such as Company, Industry, and Job Function. Combining this with Bing search intent data makes for a powerful combo.

It’s brand-safe and GDPR-compliant.

To start, placements will only be on premium Microsoft properties like MSN, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Edge, with more to come. These sites will provide advertisers with access to hundreds of millions of people with high-quality traffic outside the SERP. Also worth noting: it’s GDPR-compliant for the UK market.

Credit: Microsoft

The Microsoft Audience Network partly works through the UET tag, so no PII data is handled by Microsoft. Rik van der Kooi, corporate vice president of Microsoft Advertising, states, “We anonymize and secure all data in our advertising systems, prioritize brand safety, and do not allow targeting based on any sensitive categories.”

Get started by extending search campaigns with Microsoft Audience Ads.

Formerly known as Bing Intent Ads, these ads allow advertisers to target audiences by extending their Bing Ads search campaigns to native placements. Microsoft Audience Ads are currently only available in the US with a planned global rollout later this year.

As search advertisers, we’re very excited about the Microsoft Audience Network and look forward to leveraging AI in our Bing ads. And we’ll be eager to report on performance down the road, so stay tuned.