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In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, companies and agencies alike are faced with a serious question that can make or break their marketing efforts. The question on many a mind in today’s digital marketing industry is: how much focus and value do we put on our social Facebook Page vs. our regular “.com” homepage?

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Now, to answer this question will not be simple, as each company is unique and has different goals, focuses and set values in performance for their offered products or services.  There is a general trend that is gaining attention and being discussed among industry experts. A study published in 2011 from Webtrends summarizes:

“Among the 44 companies [studied], 18 companies (about 40%) exhibited extremely high traffic to their Facebook page compared to their websites. Not only were their websites accounting for fewer unique visits than Facebook, but many were also showing a decline in visits over the three-month period. Of the 22 categorized as ‘Non-Ecommerce’, 13 companies (about 65%) received more unique visits to their Facebook page compared to their website”

This general trend proposes a new question: should companies get rid of their company homepages altogether or stop improving them in favor of Facebook pages? The bottom line: No, all companies (regardless of product of service offered) should not only keep their homepage but also work on improving the consumer experience by coordinating their homepage and social media page efforts. Companies need to think of their homepage as a hub for all of their online and mobile business. The messaging, content and overall experience should be consistent and linked to the homepage across all platforms and channels to create a positive/smooth overall experience for the consumer.

Now, this is easier said than done given that social media platforms are constantly changing, but it can be accomplished! The first thing you need to do as an organization is be open-minded to constant change (usually by making website and social page updates daily, weekly, or monthly); above all, though, you need to invest in your homepage and make it the center of your communication efforts. Remember to not fall victim to the hype; continue to update and coordinate your website with social media pages for the best results!