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I just got burnt by something in Marin that I didn’t know about until just now…and I sense that probably most of the folks working on Marin accounts don’t know about this either:

todd mintz marin


Notice the advanced options at the bottom.  If you want Marin to auto-tag for you (and I assume you do and don’t know why you wouldn’t), make sure you’ve made these selections for each search engine you’re tracking in Marin.

I’ve done through a bunch of Marin onboardings and have had issues with auto-tagging for quite a while…but only just now did one of the Marin Reps mention this screen and these settings to me.  If you’re working with Marin account, make sure your Marin Rep set up these settings correctly since this “choice” was not likely discussed with you…for one of my biggest clients, I’m seeing setting inconsistencies throughout their Marin MCC.

Also, in addition to checking this, I highly recommend that if you have production-level support within your company for a Marin account, ask your colleague to QC the tagging regularly.  Missed tagging has been an issue for me, and missed tagging also skews your results.