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2012 is in the books. A year of change in digital marketing? A few hundred (or so it seems) Penguin updates, waves of Facebook releases, Google Glasses teases, and the usual AdWords developments would say yes.

So what will we be recapping 12 months from now? Will 2013 be as momentous? Here’s what our experts see in the office crystal ball (as you can tell, some of them aren’t seeing the same thing):

1) Facebook launches a display network to compete with Google. 2)  Google allows advertisers to add a “view through incrementality” factor into the DCO calculations. 3) Social media platforms integrate promoted tweets into their technology. 4) Sr. Account Manager Todd Mintz eats a lot of bacon. – David Rodnitzky, CEO


I think Google will get married to TV for the third time (it’s like Liz Taylor and Richard Burton),  and I think this time it’ll work. – Susan Waldes, Sr. Mgr., Client Services


Google finally layers search with demo data and interests to fight the FBX onslaught. – Sean Marshall, Director of Client Services


Retargeting will move from “innovation” to “commodity” and will become a bolt-on component to all online marketing campaigns.  Consequently, the “true” effectiveness of retargeting will be heavily scrutinized with a probable corresponding drop in price.

Additionally, Cal Football will hire Jim Harbaugh and play for the national championship. – Dave Yoo, COO


The AdWords Video (TrueView) platform will be revamped for better usability and campaign management for larger scale roll-outs. This will allow bigger brands to take full advantage of the additional and measurable engagement metrics that TrueView provides outside of the basic metrics available in the soon-to-be-retired Promoted Video. – Melissa (Bregar) Kowalke, Sr. Production Manager


Based on this Cyber Monday: 1) This is the year mobile ecommerce becomes a factor; 2) With help from Facebook, marketers figure out how to pull ROI out of social media; 3) Content marketing takes over social and mobile as the thing to do; 4) Digital ad dollars make their way into the living room (for real this time); 5) Facebook  finally gets around to rolling out search, gives Yahoo a third chance (it’s the charm, btw), and sees Google’s search segmentation and raises it a social graph. – Ron Fusco, Sr. Mgr., Client Services


1) Facebook will continue down its path to show direct ROI from their ads.  2) Facebook will develop no fewer than 4 new ad units.  3) Facebook will also open up advertising off of Facebook — within the Facebook ad management platform and based off of Facebook targeting. Not sure what that looks like yet but I think it’ll happen. 4) Twitter will open up a more robust, zip code-based targeting system for marketers. – Andrew Foxwell, Sr. Facebook Account Manager


1) At least one of the big DSPs will IPO, and another one will disappear; 2) Big Data will help small advertisers win more in display; 3) People will finally remember they have a Google+ account. – Sean Nowlin, Sr. Display Media Buyer


1) People will still not know what Google+ is; 2) New tracking tools will lure previously reluctant smaller advertisers to test Facebook advertising. – Clark Sioson, Facebook Account Manager


By the end of 2013, PPC experts must also have display expertise. The wall between paid search and display will be obliterated. (Also, PPC Associates will have 400+ employees by the end of the year.) – the aforementioned Todd Mintz, Sr. Account Manager


What do you think we’ll be discussing in a 2013 recap? Hit us in the comments.