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3Qers work hard, but they know the importance of fun! That’s why each month, along with their Local Perks teams, Office Managers plan a fun outing for our employees to unwind, connect, and celebrate culture and camaraderie! Here’s a look at what each office was up to last month:


November was all about the food here in Austin. We had a BBQ feast from the famous Franklin Barbecue while LinkedIn was here; later, we had a hefty spread for our office potluck!


Denver held a Thanksgiving potluck consisting of turkey, delicious green chili mac n’ cheese, sweet potatoes, millionaire salad, stuffing, mashed potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce, and chess pie. The food was SO good that we forgot to take pictures!

New York

The NY office fueled up with some homemade charcuterie and headed out for karaoke!

San Diego

San Diego hosted a Thanksgiving potluck feast with two whole turkeys and a cornucopia of amazing food! Per our usual style, we needed an entire second table for our desserts.

San Francisco 

The San Francisco office threw a big, delicious Thanksgiving potluck.

Stay tuned for more adventures!