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3Qers work hard, but they know the importance of fun! That’s why each month, along with their Local Perks teams, Office Managers plan a fun outing for our employees to unwind, connect, and celebrate culture and camaraderie! Here’s a look at what each office was up to last month:


The Austin office started Waffle Wednesdays! These are a chance for the office to come together for a delicious breakfast, while not having to spend too much time away from their work! They were DELICIOUS!


Burlington went out for a fancy dinner at a local French Bistro! Oui oui!


Folks in the Charlottesville office headed to Kings Dominion for a rollercoaster perk event!



The Chicago office went on a bus tour of haunted places throughout the city. The first picture is a reenactment of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre; in the second, we are in the lobby of the Congress Hotel, one of the most haunted places in the city.



Denver’s perk event this month was going to Upstairs Circus. We had some libations while crafting our own unique artwork!

San Diego

San Diego had a ’70s-themed roller skating party and found out there is some serious talent hiding amongst them! Not only was it great exercise, they discovered new hobbies and were able to support a long-time local business in their time of need.


San Francisco

San Francisco flexed their creativity with a wine and paint event!

New York

New York took their happy hour to the ocean, enjoying the sun and saltwater breeze aboard the Lightship Frying Pan, which is currently on the National Register of Historic Places!

Stay tuned for more adventures!