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In advance of LinkedIn’s Feb. 6 2013 Q4 earnings call, we crunched some numbers for a big EDU client, with six accounts and over 150M impressions recorded in Q4. In comparison to performance numbers from Q4 2012, the jump was eye-opening.

The raw year-over-year comparisons for the campaigns, which both used self-serve banner ads with identical character and image limits:

– 73% increase in impressions

– 32% increase in clicks

– 42% increase in cost

– 551% increase in conversions, with only 42% increase in spend

– CVR improved from 1.26% to 6.18% (a 392% increase)

– CTR did decrease, but overall impressions increased by 73%, while CPC increased by only 7%

Our big takeaway from these numbers is the increased effectiveness of LinkedIn skills targeting, which were introduced late in 2012 but improved dramatically over the course of 2013.

Is anyone else seeing similar performance improvements in their LinkedIn campaigns? Drop a comment with your thoughts.