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Learn more about your targets with Custom Audiences

Published: June 20, 2013

Author: Clark Sioson

People generally use Custom Audiences for retargeting; you upload the list into Facebook and use appropriate ad text for the users targeted, and bam: results.
Besides retargeting, you can also use your Custom Audience list to build new targets. Let’s say your Custom Audience is a list of existing brand customers; you have their emails from when they made a purchase, but they haven’t liked your brand on Facebook, so you built a Custom Audience for specifically those people (this is a high-ROI tactic we use at PPC Associates).
You can use the Facebook ads manager to learn more about these particular customers and echo that information to create new target lists.
Before we dive into how to do this, why wouldn’t we just create a lookalike audience to target? Well, while lookalike audiences do work, Facebook does not really give you any information on who that audience is.
For marketers who want to know just who they are targeting in their campaigns, this method helps identify some basic characteristics.
So here’s how you do it:
1. Load your Custom Audience list into Power Editor. The time for Facebook to process the list depends on the size, but it typically takes an hour or less.
2. Once the list is in ready status, go to “create an ad” in the Ads manager:
facebook ads manager
3. Select your custom audience:
facebook custom audiences
4. Note your base reach audience:
audience reach facebook
Now you can tweak various targets and learn about your audience – for instance, the base audience is 66,060; if you select a specific gender (in this case, male), the audience size changes to 28,060 (which tells you that most of your audience is female).
custom audience refine
There are tons of ways to slice the data from there:
–       Location
–       Age Range
–       Gender
–       Interested in men or women
–       Relationship status
–       Education level
Without a whole lot of effort, you’ll get to see insights like, “Wow, almost 20% of our customer base is married women between 25-44 who live in the Midwest.” (I made that up, but you get the point.)  The data’s there, so dive in, target well, and enjoy the results.

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