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Learn These 3 Account Clean-Up Steps to Improve Organization (and CTR)

Published: October 29, 2013

Author: Molly Shotwell

Today’s post is by Michael Crane, Account Coordinator.
BroomRecently, I was given responsibility of cleaning up an account and migrating it over to 3Q Digital’s structure.  This particular client is in a very niche vertical and one that I was not familiar with, so, having worked mainly on the production side since my time at 3Q Digital, I was excited to both 1) apply what I’d learned on larger accounts to see if I could effectively organize this one and 2) learn something about a new vertical I had no knowledge of previously (one of the many advantages to working at our agency is the variety of clients we work with).
The account was already roughly set up in our structure before I got my hands on it, but when I dug deeper, I found three tactics that needed to be addressed immediately.
The first item on my agenda: move multi-keyword ad groups into single keyword ad groups, converting the broad match keywords into broad match modified and breaking out the broad match modified terms and exact match keywords into different campaigns (BMM into Beta and the exact into Alpha, per our Alpha Beta Account Structure that you can download, whitepaper-style, here).  I should note that after launching the new groups, I left the legacy and newly structured ad groups running for a few weeks as to not cause any disruptions in traffic.
After this was set, I began tagging ad groups by query type to help organize the KWs/Ad Groups and to better optimize the ad copy to the type of query and product benefits that our client offers.  A simple way I’ve found to do this is to utilize dashes such as: wireless router cable—cable.  Another benefit of tagging ad groups in this way is it makes it easier to filter in AdWords Editor or Excel to apply ad or landing page tests.
After I had set up the main campaigns, the next step was getting the competitor campaign organized.  While the benefits of bidding on competitor terms is another topic for another time, this client had a robust list of competitors to bid on.  A further wrinkle here was that our client wanted to categorize our competitor list in two ways: true competitors of their product and those that work with and layer into their product.  Using the process outlined above, I tagged these ad groups in the same way.  The benefits here mirror the reasoning behind doing this in the first campaign: specific messaging can be applied easier to the tagged groups through filtering.
After these tasks were complete, I’ve found that overall management has become easier and more fluid.  Also, CTRs have shown improvement in no small part due to the more targeted messaging – a nice benefit of this work!
Got any other account organization tips? Let me know!
Michael CraneMichael Crane joined 3Q Digital in December of 2011. He comes from primarily a legal background, where he worked as an Intellectual Property Paralegal at Sidley Austin LLP and, more recently, in compliance management at BlueStar Energy Solutions. Michael enjoys reading, music, and spending time with his wife Susan and their son Matthew.

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