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As many of you may already know, Facebook recently launched a new update to the Nearby feature for iOS and Android apps. The Nearby update has allowed Facebook to set foot into local search territory. In addition to informing you of where your friends have checked in, the new Nearby update will also show you nearby businesses you may be interested in visiting based on your friends’ activity, your location, and other various criteria. Nearby takes it one step further by allowing you to recommend and rate places to your network of friends as well.


Facebook updates such as these increase mobile volume, meaning your ads need to be optimized not only for desktop, but for mobile as well.  Not too long ago, Facebook included more device types and operating systems in the targeting options, under the broad category section. These options include the ability to target all iOS devices, Android devices, and/or other mobile devices, such as Windows and Blackberry.


Optimizing your ads for mobile includes knowing exactly what options are available to you and which best fit your strategy. Here are your choices for mobile advertising on Facebook:


Sponsored Stories

Sponsored Stories are an effective way to get your brand out there to the right target audience, mainly because the stories you see are based on your friends’ activities. Sponsored Stories help people discover your business through their friends at no extra cost. And what better way to promote your product than through word of mouth from your trusted friends?


sponsored story facebook ads



Promoted Posts

Promoted Posts allow you to promote any of your recent posts via the “Promote” dropdown. Promoted Posts increase the likelihood your fans and their friends will see your post, and when people like, comment, or share, their friends will see it too.  These promotions are best for businesses promoting special offers and discounts.


Don’t forget to track your metrics via the Promote dropdown and Page Insights to gain knowledge on which types of posts are most successful for future promoted posts.


mobile promoted posts



Page Post Ads

These ads aren’t limited to your Facebook page fans, or friends of fans. Unlike Sponsored Stories, you can target a much wider audience with Page Post Ads. Also, your call to action is a big “Like” button, compared to the smaller one that users normally see through their web browser. You normally see these ads with many details within your News Feed or to the side of your News Feed via your desktop:


page post desktop ad


page post ads

However on mobile, Page Post Ads look like this:


mobile page post ad


Because these ads allow you to share content from your page, it’s important to pick good, quality content that will entice your audience to Like your page.



Mobile App Install Ads


This is a fairly new option for advertisers. Mobile App Install Ads is an option mainly for developers who want to reach people on mobile devices. Unlike other Facebook ads, Mobile App Install Ads direct you to the Apple App Store or Android’s Google Play to install the app being advertised, making it easier for users to find apps they may be interested in.


facebook mobile app install



When Facebook announced their IPO earlier this year, people were concerned about Facebook’s ability to generate revenue from mobile. Thanks to updates designed to increase traffic on mobile devices, these new options have the potential to bring in revenue for both Facebook and their own campaigns.


As always, be sure to put your general best practices for Facebook advertising to good use. Remember important things, such as rotating creatives, performing A/B testing, and always defining clear objectives for your campaigns.

– Audrey Cueto