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In case you missed it — and there’s probably no way you caught all 100 — we kicked off 2013 with a #100PPCtips100days series on Twitter, and we’ve recapped them by category for you each week! (Note: click on each tip to read an expanded blog post.)

Today’s installment: kick-a** tracking, metrics, and analytics tips. Enjoy!

TipUse a customer’s estimated lifetime value when calculating target CPCs.

TipConsider Gross Margins. Sometimes a lower ROAS with more volume is better; sometimes it’s not.

TipQuality Score is NOT reset if a keyword is moved.

TipA Facebook “click” isn’t measured the same way as a search “click.”

TipUse call-tracking software for proper paid search attribution in B2B campaigns.

TipTrack destination URLs to analyze which lead gen offerings (whitepaper? free trial?) engage more users.

And that concludes our “kick-a** PPC tips” series! We’d love to hear some of your favorites that could have been included. Drop a comment!