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In case you missed it — and there’s probably no way you caught all 100 — we kicked off a #100PPCtips100days series on Twitter, and we’re recapping them by category for you each week! (Note: click on each tip to read an expanded blog post.)

Today’s installment: kick-a** keywords and match types tips!

TipThink of paid search in terms of queries, not keywords.

TipUse the keyword tool to look for semantically related neg. keywords (e.g. “one night stand” for night stands).

TipUse broad match modified as your testing ground for winning queries.

TipCheck SQRs weekly for new negatives.

TipProduct ID-level targets are not the same as exact-match targets. Treat them differently.

TipUse shared negative lists to save time and stay organized.

Stay tuned for our next recap: platforms!