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In case you missed it — and there’s probably no way you caught all 100 — we kicked off the year with a #100PPCtips100days series on Twitter, and we’re recapping them by category for you each week! (Note: click on each tip to read an expanded blog post.)

Today’s installment: kick-a** social media tips!

TipIf you’re advertising on Twitter, be sure to send users to mobile-optimized pages.

TipThinking of social media campaigns? Lay claim to your brand/product names on all platforms right away.

TipFacebook ads “decay” quickly, so always have a full pipeline of creatives ready to go.

TipIntegrating FBX into your display campaigns? Pay extra attention to frequency caps and attribution.

TipAdd social sharing icons to product pages to increase the reach of your ad.

TipIn Pinterest, tag brand and product names and item numbers to help customers find your products.

Stay tuned for our next recap: campaign and account structure