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In case you missed it — and there’s probably no way you caught all 100 — we kicked off the year with a #100PPCtips100days series on Twitter, and we’re recapping them by category for you each week! (Note: click on each tip to read an expanded blog post.)

Today’s installment: kick-a** tips about clients and competitors!


TipCheck your competitor’s “likes” tab to get insights into their Facebook ad campaigns.

TipAre you buying your competitors’ brand keywords yet? You probably should be.

TipUse Auction Insights and keyword data to show your client the competitive AdWords landscape.

TipProactively discuss ad disapprovals with clients so they don’t freak out if an ad gets rejected.

TipUse Custom Audiences to exclude competitors from your Facebook campaigns (no spying!).


Stay tuned for our next recap: design!