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Key Issues to Consider When Using Page Post Ads

Published: October 31, 2012

Author: Irene Shih

Page post ads allow advertisers the flexibility to create an ad out of any published content on a fan page.  With a larger format for links, videos, and photos, these ads can encourage much higher CTRs than other ad types. Additionally, page posts are sponsored stories carrying the voice of a friend and are enabled for both mobile and newsfeed placements.
Leveraging a creative publishing strategy with your page post ads will help increase page reach and engage many more fans in interesting ways.
However, if used on the wrong placements, page post ads can easily become a costly mistake.
page post ad example
The first thing to do to prepare your approach is to define your goals. Brand reach and exposure are highly attainable. Click engagement is generally very good, depending on the content. But, if you are trying to deliver cost-effective likes, proceed with caution. There are a number of factors that come into play between clicks and conversions, which can leave advertisers spending money without much payoff.
Here’s a quick chart of ad types and their capabilities:
facebook ad chart
Assuming our brand’s ultimate goal is to deliver likes, here are some of our key findings:
Desktop page post ads are a high risk to be costly per like.
Page post ads on desktops convert likes at very low rates compared to sponsored stories like ads and marketplace like ads. In many cases, conversion rates are 70%-75% lower than that of a sponsored story page like ad.
Here’s what we’ve found causes low conversion rates:
1. Photo clicks do not lead to likes. 75% of people click on the photo within the ad, but not the smaller “like this page” button.
page post photo data
2. People who click through a photo end up on a photo album page where the Like button is difficult to see.
page post photo ad
Mobile page post placements convert 2x better than desktop.
In contrast to desktop, mobile page post ads have prominent Like buttons. We have observed roughly 100% higher conversion rates on mobile vs. desktop ads.
mobile page post ad
Mobile page post ads are capable of generating CTRs from 2-4%; these can be 10x higher than mobile sponsored stories!
Given the larger format, mobile photos and videos can generate high CTRs. For this reason, they are a good ad type for driving brand awareness and click engagement. 10x CTR = 10x the number of clicks from the same number of impressions.
Given the right content, page post ads can deliver substantial like volume at an acceptable cost per like.
You will be surprised at the content that people respond to that can result in liking a page. The content of page posts that we have seen work well range from cute dog photos to messages about potato chips.
We have found that page post ads are fairly risky for like campaigns but, with rigorous testing and management, good page post ads can be identified to drive high-volume likes at reasonable costs per like.
What’s your experience with page post ads? Leave a comment!
– Irene Shih

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