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Kenshoo Editor Lessons & Tips for New Users

Published: February 10, 2014

Author: Rochell Langam

Digital marketers, especially in SEM, have an arsenal loaded with fantastic advertising tools and applications. Most require devoted learning and practice, including a bit of interface exploration and facepalm moments to reach that maximum level of proficiency.
One tool used by many search marketers for campaign management is Kenshoo. It’s a robust platform that has streamlined the way marketers manage a daunting list of multiple profiles and campaigns.
Presented below are basic Kenshoo Editor lessons and tips for garden-fresh users.

Get Acquainted

Kenshoo Editor’s layout shares a few similar traits with other editors. The locations of the tabs, tree views, and campaign settings allow for a smooth transition from one editor to the other. Navigation becomes intuitive with each use.

Bulk Up!

The ability to make changes not only across different campaigns but across different profiles and channels within Editor is an invaluable time-saving benefit for production and optimization work.
Creating an Excel upload sheet and using Bulk Changes is good practice, but there are instances when applying changes directly to Editor is faster and smarter. This method is useful for making the same change across multiple campaigns, profiles, and channels like Bing and Google, with just a few key strokes!

1. Make selections in the left navigation pane. A motley mix of campaigns and ads do not work. Bulk selection works for only the same type of element. For example, select only campaigns or only profiles.
2. Select the tab that is appropriate to the task at hand.
3. Highlight all items (Ctrl + A) inside the workspace area and Edit.

In other editors, such as AdWords and Bing, you are limited to working in one account at a time. To work with more than one campaign, you must use the advance search. The beauty of Kenshoo is the ability to work on multiple profiles, campaigns, ad groups, or ads at once. It’s simple. Just ctrl + click your selections in the tree. 

Selections Tree

Filter Like a Pro

Boost efficiency by adding granularity to a bulk selection when you need to edit data that meet specific criteria. To accomplish this, combine the advanced filtering function with your selection by using the funnel or the Advance Search feature. Below demonstrates searching for a keyword in three different test campaigns. Layer more filters if needed.


Cross-Channel Travel

Restructuring or moving around campaigns and other levels of account information can be done in bulk or individually in Kenshoo, which is much easier than having to switch between separate Account views in other editors. Below, test campaigns were copied from one profile to another. Highlight within the tree itself and paste in another account using the copy and paste shortcut keys.

Cross Channel

Tip: Vice Versa, if you have just one element you want to copy over into multiple locations, copy that element, ctrl + click the locations and paste (ctrl + v). For example, if you want to copy over Ad Group A into Campaigns 1 through 10, copy the Ad Group, highlight the campaigns in the tree, and then paste.
Tip: Drag and drop! Click on the item then drag to the new location.

Drag Drop

Geek it Up With Excel!

Working with many different elements of an account at once may demand other tools to be used for leverage. A couple changes to thousands of keywords in Editor is easy, but if there are multiple layers to work on, use the bulk copy and export feature to generate an Excel CSV file. Highlight items in the main window and right-click to Export to CSV. Tip: Export into Excel to QA vast amounts of data or to simplify the view of data.
In reverse, upload data from an Excel file by using Bulk Changes just below the main tabs. Tip: If you have data to upload across multiple profiles and/or campaigns, include all the elements that Kenshoo requires in columns like below.


Tools that facilitate the execution of search marketing optimization tasks are invaluable. Another value of Kenshoo Editor, including other Editors out there such as AdWords and Bing, allow you to work offline.
One last tip – good for all platforms – always check your work before posting changes to go live. Anything I missed? Drop a comment!

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