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Promotion Extensions is a new AdWords feature that allows advertisers to display a promotional offer with descriptive copy, highlighting specific sales and promotions underneath their ad copy with other enabled extensions. Advertisers can quickly and distinctly promote sales information and other promotional offers, without having to update every single piece of ad creative:

This feature, which is only available through the new AdWords interface, can help advertisers provide better information about valuable discounts without taking away room from useful CTAs in their creative text. Promotion extensions can work for any customer who wants to highlight specific or perennial sales, promotions, discounts, or offers.

You can also get creative with workarounds to help make these produce results for your account. Recently, I was able to use these with a client who offers a free trial period for their product.

By selecting the promotion type as a percentage and typing in 100%, I was able to get my message across as free. Then with the copy, I communicated that the offer was for a free trial. Lastly, I even created urgency by putting promotional dates showing that this offer is only valid for this month.

With the ad running for a few days, we have seen pretty significant performance uplifts—increased CTRs,  CVRs, and overall conversion volume.

So get creative and see how you too can catch eyes – and clicks – with Promotion Extensions.