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Is It Time to Restructure Your Account?

Published: April 20, 2015

Author: Kendra Pennington

Facebook’s optimization capabilities are getting stronger, but as with any campaign, you need enough data to fuel your decisions.
We had a client with an old structure that was overly segmented with really small daily budgets. They had a conversion goal of $30, but some of their ad sets had budgets of only $5-12… so if you do the math, that is only 1 conversion every few days in each ad set. At that rate, it would take months (instead of days or weeks) to glean any information from new ads. What to do?
We combined together some ad sets, the audience size, and daily budgets — all to make it easier to gain content insights.
Since the client has different types of content that they are putting out there — and some downloads are worth more than others — we separated those out into their own campaigns so that we can have a cost-per-download goal at the content level rather than having them all lumped together.
Without further ado, here are the main features of the new structure we came up with:

-Content-based structure at the campaign level

-Targeting bucketed at the ad set level

-Highest-performing content pieces featured

-Broad structure with higher daily budgets and room to parse and/or test new targets

Coming up with the new structure helped, but that’s nothing without goals for the new structure. These are our quarterly goals based on the new structure implementation:

-Content-specific goals

-Ability to scale via larger budgets per ad set

-Simplified structure to allow for easier testing of copy, imagery, and bid types

Is it time for a restructuring of your Facebook account? Let us know your plan in the comments.

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