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Is Facebook’s New Click To Call Option Right For My Business?

Published: August 19, 2015

Author: Franco Puetz

The mobile marketing industry has really skyrocketed over the past few years. Unlike the big desktop computer boom, which took some households several years to own, mobile Internet usage was almost immediately popular and many households were able to gain access within a year or two. Mobile marketing has become a $4 billion dollar industry and now Facebook has made yet another stride towards its own mobile advertising focus.
The launch of their new project “Click to Call” gives business owners the ability to create ads that allow potential customers to call them directly from the ad within their News Feed. This feature will connect people using Facebook to a local business and help drive offline sales. When a user clicks on the new “Call Now” button that’s shows up directly on a Facebook ad, their phone will dial the business’ number. In addition to this new feature, Facebook has also added a “Get Directions” button option for ads that will guide users to a business’ location right from their phone
This powerful new tool is something all local businesses and social media marketers should become aware of and probably start using. Below are just a few reasons why:
Quicker customer service – Some customers prefer to speak with a real person before completing their purchase. No matter what their reasoning may be for this, giving them the ability to call you directly from the News Feed means they can quickly get all the answers they need to make a solid decision on whether your product or service is right for them.
Less lead chasing – Many customers like to shop around before they make a purchase, but a phone call allows you to convert your leads in that moment, as opposed to playing the follow-up game after collecting an online lead. Phone calls can also give you a better opportunity for upselling when relevant.
Enhanced discoverability – Even in the digital age, there are still a number of people who would rather pick up a phone to handle their business instead of filling out an online form with their personal information and wait for a response. This is particularly true within older demographics; I’d even suggest split testing the targeting groups by age to see which has a higher conversion rate.
Easy to create – These ads can easily be created right from a business’ Page on Facebook and all that needs to be chosen is a call to action, budget and an area the business wants to reach. And like regular Facebook ads, businesses can see the results of their local awareness ads, which will show the total audience reached, local impressions, total spent on the ad and how many users actually clicked the call to action.
More bang for the buck – Essentially you are using a traditional News Feed ad, with a bit of a boost. Your ad still operates as it normally would, allowing you to send traffic directly to your contact page, but this new call-to-action can serve as a “catch-all” for those prospects that would prefer reaching you on the phone instead. In most marketing funnels, getting a prospect on the phone is further down the conversion path than a submitted lead, why not skip that step and raise the overall return on ad spend for your campaign?
One example of how Magnifyre has used this new feature is with one of our dental clients; by spending only $15.00 we were able to reach roughly 1,000 users that had recently moved to our geo-targeted area. This campaign in turn generated three calls to the office. I’m positive that many local businesses would be happy to spend $5.00 for warm leads all day long, and with Facebook’s sophisticated targeting options, creating an affordable campaign that turns prospects into customers can be a reality with the right planning.
Facebook is a marketing machine, plain and simple, and when you factor in the amount of consumer data that the service gathers and catalogs, you can’t help but be intrigued. It’s quite possible that this new feature will attract new advertisers to the platform that use more traditional communication methods with their prospects, such as picking up a phone to conduct their business. I think it will also help existing Facebook advertisers enhance their current marketing strategy and appeal to even more users of the platform interested in advertised products and services.
It’s just one more way that Facebook is putting targeted, direct marketing in the hands of smaller businesses, and it’s absolutely worth checking out. You want to strike while the iron is hot after all, and getting a lead on the phone right after seeing your ad is a great way to make it happen.

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