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Introduction to Advertising on Quora: Part 1

Published: February 12, 2018

Author: Carolanne Hornung

Whether you’ve heard the recent hubbub about Quora advertising or it’s brand new to you, there are a few quick facts you should know if you’re interested in advertising on this newer platform. Quora is a community-based platform to ask questions, get answers, and share knowledge. Currently, Quora has over 200M users and is quickly growing. From targeting to tracking and more, we break down the most important basics everyone should know.

Quora Feed Preview


Quora currently allows for two objectives: conversions and app installs. The conversion objective will take users to your specified landing page where you would like them to convert. The app install objective sends users to the specific download page for your app.


If you’re going the conversion objective route, you can install a Quora pixel on your site to track conversions. For app installs, Quora has integrations with Kochava, TUNE, AppsFlyer, and Adjust to help track your app install conversions.

Quora Ad Preview


Since Quora is self-serve, you’re able to spend as much or as little as you would like. At a minimum, you can set a daily maximum budget and adjust as needed. Lifetime budgets are optional.


Quora currently has three main targeting types and a fourth that’s in beta: topic targeting, audience targeting, interest targeting, and question targeting (BETA). Topic targeting allows you to choose specific topics that align with your product or service. Audience targeting allows you to retarget users who have previously been to your site. Interest targeting gives you the ability to target users based on their recent behavior on site. Question targeting is more specific than topic targeting; your ads will only appear next to specific questions that you choose.

Secondary Targeting

In your secondary targeting options, you’ll find your options for locations, platforms (mobile and desktop), and the ability to exclude specific locations and questions.

Audience Sizes

Rather than provide an audience size the way Facebook does with potential reach in terms of the number of people in the audience, Quora calculates reach based on the potential weekly impressions from your selected targeting.


At this time, bidding is limited to CPC bidding only. After you’ve entered your targeting and secondary targeting, Quora gives you a suggested bid based on what competitors are bidding.

Keep your eyes out for Parts 2 and 3 of our Introduction to Advertising on Quora series!

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