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We know it’s a fast-changing industry – enough so that the SEM landscape needed a brush-up from this last LUMAscape. In creating this infographic to help kick off a new year in SEM, we winnowed our focus to paid search — the agencies and tools that drive the industry, from ad optimization to campaign management to bid optimization.

As far as those agencies go, we included the holding companies, sure…but we also recognized the best-in-class independent and smaller agencies. (Although — d’oh! — we somehow omitted the good folks at aimClearClix Marketing, CPC Search, White Shark Media, and WebMetro. Just means we’ll have to do a refresh in the coming months…let us know who you think we should include.)

Take a look (here’s the full-scale version), share…and enjoy! Drop a comment if you’d like a badge for your site.

sem landscape infographic

The SEM Landscape in 2013

– Hillary Read, Marketing Manager