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fbppc.comIf you read this blog regularly, you know we’re convinced that Facebook advertising is a train all  marketers should be boarding.

How strongly do we feel about it? Well, how does a dedicated Facebook advertising blog grab you?

This morning marks the launch of, which opens with a roster of experts including BlitzMedia’s Dennis Yu, Clix Marketing’s Joe Kerschbaum, Big Click Co.’s Lisa Raehsler, Acquisio’s Marc Poirier, and Optimal’s Rob Leathern. We’re not shy about our goal: to make the go-to URL for daily news and insights on all things related to Facebook advertising.

“We created so that the online marketing community could have a central destination for all things Facebook advertising,” said PPC Associates CEO David Rodnitzky, who is also an FBPPC contributor. “We’ve already got an incredible roster of Facebook experts participating, and we expect that our community of contributors will continue to grow in the coming months.”

We encourage you to hop on over and leave feedback. Who should be writing for us? Are there any particular topics you want covered? We’re open to suggestions.

Hillary Read, Marketing Manager