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Instagram for Business: You’re Doing it Wrong

Published: March 27, 2015

Author: Anna File

With everyone freaking out about the decline in organic Facebook reach, there have been a lot of questions about where companies should focus their social media marketing efforts.
At Blueye, we’re focused on figuring out which platforms are most effective for hitting your target market; if your demographic skews younger, then we definitely recommend ramping up your Instagram efforts to increase brand awareness and ultimately drive sales of your product.
All right, so you create an Instagram profile. Now what?
The most common mistake I see businesses make on Instagram is to post incessant stock photos or low-quality pictures. You’re actually hurting your brand by doing this. People HATE being obviously marketed at.
When advertising began, marketers had the challenge of conveying utilitarian uses of their products. Information was key. As we’ve evolved into more sophisticated marketing, an emphasis on the hedonistic qualities of products became more important. How can this product bring more joy and pleasure into the user’s life? How does this product seamlessly fit into the target market’s lives and actually improve the quality of life?
Show your fans the full story of your brand. Give your brand a personality and allow your fans to have a full 360-degree view of your brand. How do you tackle this?
Create a rockstar Instagram account that people enjoy seeing pop up in their feeds!
Before you start posting, check out these Instagram photography tips to ensure you’re sending out the best possible content for your brand.
Here are a few post ideas that you can utilize to keep your Instagram account fresh and interesting:

-Product posts. No, not stock imagery. Styled imagery of your products to show fans ease of use.

-Behind-the-scenes imagery. Who are the faces behind your brand? Always share exciting behind-the-scenes snaps of what the team is up to.

-Tap into fun and well-known holidays to insert your brand into relevant conversations.

Branded quotes and tips. Everyone loves a good #QOTD (quote of the day), so aligning your brand’s personality with famous words or useful tips is a great way to tap into the aspirational feelings floating around on Instagram.

After posting your amazing original content, you’ll need to make sure you are actively seeking out your next potential customer by engaging with other users on Instagram. Engage with other industry leaders and track industry-related hashtags and talk to the people who would be most interested in the brand!
You’re now en route to building a loyal base of consumers!

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