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It is no secret that the demand for mobile commerce and video on Facebook has been steadily on the rise. While users want faster performance on their devices, companies are looking for ways to increase brand awareness and gain new customers in exciting and engaging ways. If you have been struggling to drive sales, or are looking for a new way to showcase your product inventory, Facebook’s Collections ad unit may be worth testing.

As a mobile-only ad unit, here’s what Collections looks like in the wild:

When the ad appears in the Facebook News Feed, a larger cover photo or video is supported by four images below. As the advertiser, you have the option of customizing the four images, or letting them dynamically populate via a product catalog (if you need guidance on how to set up your product catalog, check out my colleague Dawn’s blog here). Try and aim for a product catalog of at least 50 units that showcase the variety of products available from your business. Once a user clicks into the ad, the ad will expand and they will immediately be able to see the most relevant inventory available – all without ever leaving the Facebook mobile app.

Over the course of a few months, we tested the Collections ad unit against other mobile targets, and at the end of Quarter two, these were our results:

Compared to our other mobile targets, Collections drove significantly stronger front-end metrics with a 126% higher CTR leading to 43% lower CPCs. This ultimately led to  a 187% greater Return on Ad Spend due to a 38% higher AOV for the Collections target.

Based on our testing, Collections boosts key metrics like CTR and CPC while also delivering promising returns.


Have you tested collections? Let us know how the unit performed for you by dropping a comment below!