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After a review of my Google Analytics results from 2008, I am pleased to announce the winners of “The Best of Blogation 2008: Reader’s Choice Awards.” These blog posts are ranked based on the volume of page views each received. It turns out that the few posts that got decent SEO ranking seemed to dominate the list, so I guess I have to grudgingly admit that SEO is valuable!

Stay tuned later this week for the “Editor’s Choice” awards, where I rank my 10 personal favorites from 2008.

10. Yahoo Answers Fraud + Google AdWords Fraud = SEO + SEM Gain? One of my many posts “outing” a sneaky attempt to violate AdWords rules.

9. A Hilarious Attempt at Legitimacy Via PhotoShop. Another fraud, but this one stands out because it was executed so poorly.

8. Google Sneeze: Favicon Controversy -Is Anything Sacred? Google changes the little image that appears in your browser bar; bloggers naturally feel compelled to write about it.

7. Search Engine Marketers Salary Guide, 2008 Edition. A qualitative guide to how much you should be making in SEM, at least if you live in the SF Bay Area.

6. Bid Management Algorithms Demystified. An attempt to help people understand the terminology of bid management, and thus make better decisions about bid management companies.

5. Adteractive, Birthplace of Internet Founders. A post from 2007 listings all the former Adteractive employees who have gone on to greatness elsewhere.

4. Google TV Ads – Strike Three? My lukewarm reaction to Google’s TV advertising product announcement.

3. Geographic Performance Reporting from Google: Don’t Take This Feature Lightly! Reasons why you should be using the geographic performance report daily.

2. Does Anyone Listen to Song Lyrics These Days? A relatively inane post about Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.” It somehow shows up highly on Google Image Search.

1. Congratulations to Javier Andres Castro Pino – LinkedIn Group Spammer of the Year! Another SEO triumph (though unintended). Basically this post lists about 1500 LinkedIn Groups and thus shows up quite frequently.