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Humans of 3Q: Meet Lindsay Walker

Published: August 24, 2018

Author: Kelly Whelan

Our Humans of 3Q series continues this week with Lindsay Walker, Account Lead, out of our San Diego office! Get to know Lindsay below:

Explain your role at 3Q in 3 sentences or fewer:

I’m an Account Lead and manage search efforts for clients. I also help manage the relationship with the client, prioritize tasks, and ensure the execution of those tasks by our team.

What’s one marketing lesson you wished you had learned earlier?

That a deep understanding of a client’s business is key to helping them achieve their goals.

When coworkers from other offices come to visit, what’s one thing they absolutely have to do in your city?

Stand up paddle-board yoga on Mission Bay.

Tell us about your morale associate:

He is a Bassett Hound named Bubba.  He’s a rescue, so we’re not sure how old he is, but he’s very old.  And he hates phones/cameras for some strange reason.

What’s something that makes your office cooler than the other 3Q offices?

THE WEATHER!!! (Although technically it probably makes our office warmer than other 3Q offices.)

What 3Q initiative outside of your job description are you most proud of being a part of?

I haven’t been at 3Q that long, but I would love to be a part of the training programs that 3Q has because I think the emphasis on structured training is unique to the digital agency world.

If you could choose any TV show or movie world to live in, what would it be?

Survivor, no question.  I’ve wanted to be on that show forever.  Love the competition/strategy and I think I’d do pretty well in eating bugs.

If you were given an unlimited amount of money to invest in one upcoming or exciting marketing technology, what would it be?

AI and machine learning seem to be on trend now.  I think that digital advertising has relied on technological skills and we’ve gotten a step away from the psychology of consumer behavior and knowing our clients’ businesses.  Automating what we can will free up space to focus back on the basics and on the end consumer.

What’s your favorite TED talk?

What’s your favorite gif?


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