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Humans of 3Q: Isak Kurbasic

Published: August 17, 2018

Author: Kelly Whelan

Our Humans of 3Q series continues this week with Isak Kurbasic, Digital Marketing Associate, out of our Austin office! Get to know Isak below:

Explain your role at 3Q in 3 sentences or fewer:

As an Account Associate, my role is really that of a team player. Since every day is a constant learning experience, I take on a variety of tasks from reporting to optimization, depending on what my team needs from me. Shoutout to the LTS squad!

What advice would you give to new employees for their first few weeks at 3Q?

Keep. Asking. Questions. It’s easy to gloss over something important because of the sheer volume of new information, so it’s crucial to have your peers explain things…even if they have to do it several times. I’m honestly amazed at how willing people in the office are to take time out of their day to go over a topic or task.

You recently moved to Austin. What are you enjoying most about living here?

I love the pleasant disposition of everyone you meet. It’s been super easy to settle in because everyone is so friendly and making new friends is such a breeze. Also the tacos… definitely the tacos.

When coworkers from other offices come to visit, what’s one thing they absolutely have to do in your city?

I would recommend everyone that comes to Austin go see some live music, regardless of the genre they prefer. The music scene here is one of the best I’ve seen hands-down and has something for everyone. Oh and tacos (again, lol).

What other cities have you lived in and what have you learned from moving around to different parts of the world?

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have lived in Madrid, Dubrovnik, Perth (Australia), and several cities in the US (Louisville, Boston and now Austin). The most important thing I’ve learned is to be open-minded. People and cultures vary so much that if you open your mind and accept the differences, you’ll meet some awesome people and have some unreal experiences.

You speak Croatian. What’s your favorite Croatian phrase and what does it mean?

Oh man that’s tough; there are so many good ones! One of my all-time favorites is “Tko vino večera, vodu doručkuje,” which translates to “Who dines on wine, has water for breakfast.” It means having to pay the price for whatever you did before. I also like “Mi o vuku, a vuk na vrata,” which means “We talk about the wolf, but the wolf’s at the door.” Our version of speak of the devil. (That was two, my bad!)

If you were given an unlimited amount of money to invest into one upcoming or exciting marketing technology, what would it be?

As more and more user data gets aggregated/ indexed, and advertising becomes more predictive, I see vast market potential in virtual assistants like the Echo or Siri that are monitoring the interactions of their users. That data will become crucial to marketers looking to target users based on consumer interest. If my funds were infinite, you’d see me investing in that.

If you could choose any TV show or movie world to live in, what would it be?

I’d say the first half of “Goodfellas” would be awesome. I know, I know, they’re criminals, but I was always fascinated by the comfort, glamour and respect the “fellas” receive throughout the first part of the movie. I also love movies about organized crime in general so this is an easy pick for me.

What’s your favorite TED talk?

What’s your favorite gif?

So I’m more of a situational GIF user. I think that the funniest ones are tailored to the occasion and that there’s no one-size-fits-all GIF. That being said, I love GIFs of James Harden doing his signature ‘cooking’’ celebration. When the best offensive player in the league starts stirring the pot, you know things are about to get saucy.

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