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How to Use Ad Customizers to Localize Ad Copy

Published: November 10, 2015

Author: Dianne Manansala

Since ad customizers’ roll-out early this year, most of the discussion around the feature is around how it’s helped improve ads especially for ecommerce clients.  This is because of the feature that allow parts of the ad to dynamically insert different information, usually details on inventory, into an ad.
Well, I have found another use for ad customizers: localize ad copy.  I have a franchise client that has hundreds of multiple brick and mortar locations across the U.S.  Each month, more locations open.  We have them housed in one account – using our 3Q Alpha/Beta structure.  For budgeting and organization reasons, we don’t have location specific ad groups, so we aren’t able to customize our ad copy to include geo locations, which we tested in the past on a smaller scale for this client and have been shown to improve performance.
The ad customizer allows us to create more targeted ad copy, in a simpler way, without having to deal with managing (depending on your account) thousands of ad copy variations.
Let’s walk through a step-by-step guide on how to set-up ad customizers to dynamically insert geo locations in your ad copy. It’s actually pretty simple.  There are three main steps:

1. Create a spreadsheet with all your ad customizer data

2. Upload Bulk Sheet into Business Data in Shared Library

3. Set up the ad text with customizers

Create Ad Customizer Data
First download the template off of Google. From there you can customize and manage the different ‘attributes’, which are basically the pieces of information that can change in your ad, and the ‘targets’, which are what will trigger the attribute to be included in the ad copy.
In my example below, I included the attribute in the column “OfTown (text)”.
So, when someone searches a query that includes ‘bentwater’, this should trigger ‘of Acworth’ to replace some part of my ad copy.
Keep in mind that the usual ad character limits still apply, so make sure that each attribute will not exceed the limit once inserted in the ad.
Upload into Business Data
In Shared Library, go to Business Data and select Ad customizer Data. Here, you’ll upload your spreadsheet.
Insert the Ad Customizer Into The Ad Text
Next, insert the ad customizer into the part of the ad copy you want to dynamically change. The first part of the code is the name of data feed you uploaded in Business Data. The second part is the title of the attribute column you want inserted.
The preview tool should now show your ad like this:
And there you have it.  Pretty simple right?

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